Thursday, 19 April 2012

Doesn't time fly......

Long time since I posted and several attempts have disappeared into the ether ....
However, I aim to get this one published!
So much happened - now approaching final hand-in - 5 weeks to go and I have decided not to do the 2 years to full degree but rather get on with it! So much to do in ceramics and in exploration of the world!
Will try to do a blog at least once a week and put in some 'catch-ups' of big events.

For today I'm off to the gym as part of the get fit campaign to do the Great North Run in September - and of I can do that without causing major harm - maybe the Berlin marathon.....
Then to College to see the results of latest testing for final work - of which more at a later date... in the meantime here's a taster

Just  managed to loose the lot again - this time I'd copied it!!!!

Going to cut losses and leave the conversation in the air and anyone who wishes to find out the metaphor within the work - pray I get back to the site within your lifetime!!!!!

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