Sunday, 24 July 2011

Ooooops!! Been AWOL!!!

How time does fly so much to blog about so little time to blog it! Where to start!

A quick summary:

Course modules this year started problematic and finished on a bit of a roll!

Surprisingly my research essay (Module AD210) was pretty well received - I will try to add it as a blog later - tried and couldn't get pics in.

Sadly, I didn't do as much as I had hoped for the practical but was quite pleased with what I did do and I passed and that is all that is required! The theme was the Male and Female Torso, I wanted to see how minimal a form I could create that would be recognised as male / female - well that's what the aim in the end was - I went through a very long journey to simplify the project to a manageable size.
I started with pieces hand modeled and hollowed.

Hand sculpted porcelain pieces - male and female

I then looked at thrown and altered creating a 'spine' and considered following the route of looking at the spine - an essential but neglected area of our body along with feet!

 I first created a healthy figure and then looked at the effect of deforming the spine

This started to get a bit complex when assistance came in the guise of Manga - I found a book in a wonderful bookshop in Bowness - OK I was slacking and had a wonderful week there in December with friends. It was freezing but sooooo lovely!


Walking down from Wansfell...

 to Windermere with amazing.... inversion.

 I digress ....... Manga.... there was the answer - very simple, basic body shapes from which my final pieces emerged.

Final pieces thrown and altered superwhite

Work placements were great and I will blog on the placement with Jim Robison and Christine Hester-Smith. Helped to build kiln at Ray Pearsons and helped Jim Malone clean up his kiln pre-firing. Adele Davison has a lovely blog on the kiln building with Ray ( - I will try to do one to complement hers.

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